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Dry Cactus above and beyond!

I’m always happily surprised when companies go above and beyond to help out a customer! After a few issues with the game, and a quick couple emails to Dry Cactus I was up and playing the game again right where I wanted to be! Not only is the game fun, and enjoyable but the dry Cactus team kept the game alive for me. 10/10 will support them in the future.


Yup awesome

Rotate Selection?

Great game, but why is there no way to rotate a selection like you can on the PC version? The only option is to mirror, either horizontal or vertically. For levels such as 2-13, where one draw-bridge must start in the open position, it makes no sense that you can’t mirror the bridge on the left and then indicate that the piston should start the level in a certain position...

Great Game

I would give the game five stars if it didn’t destroy my battery life. It really destroys it.


Play Fortnite



Awesome game (and update ideas

This game is awesome! I play it all the time and my skills at building bridges has gotten A LOT better. However, I had a very good idea for an update. I was wondering if you could add a mode called maybe ‘Speed Build’. The idea is that there is a train coming, and you have to build a sturdy, yet under budget bridge within a time limit. I would love this game even more if you added it!

Best brige game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite things is the music 🎵 AMAZING!!!!! And so the game goal L i love 💗 the briges!

Great at architecture Building

I think this game is 100% Fort with creativity and a large chance for kids to build their creativity along with their structural designing

3-4 is impossible to complete, or at least a huge difficulty spike

So its been about a week when this level stumped me. Non of the guides online don’t seem to work, so… yeah this level is bad.

Fun but challenging

I bought this for my 4 year but was a little much. Now I’m hooked. As an engineer I really dig this game.

I love this app so much

It’s the best app I’ve ever played

Electronic tinker toys

A game with a great deal of playability. I am Not an engineer, nor did I go far beyond elementary geometry. This game gives my brain a workout and is a much needed change of pace from my usual choices. And you get to build cool bridges

Doesn’t work

I can’t complete the tutorial. It says, “tap and drag the selected area.” Which I do but nothing happens and no further instructions provided. It won’t let me skip it so I’m stuck at the tutorial and I paid $5 for this garbage. Don’t waste your money!


Pretty good love it such amazingness bit difficult

Totally worth it.

This game is totally worth the money. Some many fun (strangely addicting) levels!!!

I like the game but auto saves in sandbox are needed

I like the game I just barely started I’m still in the first zone and I like the challenge aspect of the game but in sand box it’s a different story it’s still pretty fun with an unlimited budget but first of all the order of which the vehicles start in. menu, slides out of view which isn’t helpful and later on my phone died in a project and I didn’t save so I had to start over so it would be nice if you could add an auto save feature thanks.

Challenging and fun

The game is really entertaining and really smooth interface for mobile.

Luv it

A challenging think game.

Has potential.

Maybe if they didnt just throw you into the game with only 8 very basic tutorials it would be ok. You have to figure out how everything works on your own or yourube it. There is not a single tutorial explaining how hydraulics work with the expand amd contracting. Please add more in depth tutorials. dissapointed with the $5 i spent.

Bestseller of the world

This game is so worth spending on!sooooooo good developers cant wait for a update your welcome for the 5star rating P.s I’m a fan of the game From Preston

interesting to play

very good

Love the game

I love this game for many reasons one of the reasons is I don’t get to see 30 to 60 sec ads on it I don’t have to spend 99cents to get rid of ads I even bought this game on steam just cause it that

Love it

Love the game so much happy it’s on android and iPhone

Amazing Game

This game is awesome. Hours and hours of endless fun and challenge. It keeps you interested with its difficulty and ability to play any level at any time. My only gripe is the controls can be hard to use at times especially on a phone (iPhone 7). I often find myself having to undo mistakes because I clicked in the wrong spot or a piece didn’t go where I wanted it to go.


I had this game on steam, its even better mobile!


Enough said.

Great value for the buck.

This is amazing game, quite challenging and innovative. I do think about getting an iPad just so I can play it better. iPhone X handles it good, no crushes or lag. I play it with kids and it is so funny to see your state of the art bridges collapse and vehicles flying of them lol. Win win on both ends, success or failure.

Impossible bridge

So hard to do finish levels I spent 40 minutes and over 100 fails

Too hard for us

I hate to go against the great reviews but we didn't like it much. My son is 8. There are a lot of tool buttons. Making the bridges was too challenging and it was hard to be successful. Just couldn't learn it. That probably speaks more about us than the game. Deleted.


It is a real cool game

It’s great

I love building bridges and watching the cars going over

One of the best mobile games

I have played this game on pc and it was very fun so I was excited to see it came out on mobile. I caught it on sale so it was only $1.99 at the time. A great deal if you ask me. This is definitely the best bridge building game if not one of the best mobile games out there. They did a really good job on making good and simple touch controls which makes the game even more enjoyable. In fact I almost like the controls better than on pc. So much content in the game too. Really enjoy it.

Great game!! But makes IPhone X run hot after 5-10 minutes

Game is a lot of fun and worth the cost. I average anywhere from 2-15 minutes to beat a level with 3 stars. My only issue is that it makes the IPhone X very hot after a few minutes. I sent a note to developer to look into this. Once they fix that issue(like YouTube had) I can fix rating to 4-5 stars.

The game is missing some tutorials.

There should be more tutorials to use the rest of the tools at the top corner of the game. The game after tutorials puts you in a difficult situation and you have to figure out what you weren’t taught to use. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of the game.

Must Buy

This game is really awesome, I just started and it’s great, I hope they ADD MORE LEVELS

Just as good as the PC version

Probably the best bridge-building app out there.

Worth it

Poly Bridge is such a fun game, you just can't click off of it. Highly recommend buying it, its worth it. (:


Fun and challenging

Fun concept, super chill

I love the vibe of this game. Realistic physics and good scaling to learn the ropes.

Great game a little overpriced

Might get more people to play the game if it was not so pricey


I have a master’s degree in structural engineering and this app makes me feel really smart.

Stuck on drawbridge tutorial

Selected area it asked to select, but tutorial does not progress.

Oh yeah

Ohh yeahh

The best physics puzzle game I ever played

No doubt 5 Star. The creativity is just unbelievably limitless. The levels are well design and balanced, also you can skip to whatever level you want because all of them are unlocked initially. In sandbox mode you can literally design whatever you want. I bet someone can design a folding rotating multi floor garage, a 1 to 1 recreation of some real world rollercoaster, maybe even a transformer. It’s like 3D printing but instead it’s instant and cost nothing. A few suggestions: *Level descriptions are too cryptic to understand, you should give a preview of how the cars and mechanics would move. Just let them fly through the air to demonstrate. *Sometimes I have a wacky solution but I would like to see what’s the supposed solution. You should be able to unlock “designer’s solution” after beating a level with 3 star. *Should have an easy way to share designs. Both between friends (copy&paste) and over the internet. Better yet, should have a community of solutions and sandboxes with likes charts maybe even player made expansion packs. *The length restrain makes it very hard to edit designs. E.g. it’s a nightmare trying to add a bit of curve to an already made straight bridge. There should be a prototype mode where you can stretch pieces over limit but you have to fix them before running it. (If you are worrying about frustration of constantly can’t run a design, you can add an “undo until valid” button) *If you are looking for IAP ideas, instantly unlock “unlimited budget and resource” for all levels should be a good one. *When selecting, you don’t know which one is selected if there are multiple item at the same place, a bit inconvenient. *It’s unnecessarily inconvenient to convert wood to steel, which happens quite often. Drawing steel on top of wood should automatically replaces it, simple quality of life change. *The hydraulics can only extend/extract for 50% max, I know it’s mimicking real world but it’s limiting the design space a bit. Not sure if there is way around it that I haven’t figured out. These are just some nip picking ideas, the game is still a solid 5 stars without them :)


I like thes gamee but tanmay deosn’t lik ite

Bad Control

Touch screen input doesn’t really fit this game.

The best bridge building app

-Tons of levels -You can access any level you want. You don't have to beat a level to move on to the next. -You can beat a level without using the suggested methods, so you can be pretty creative. -There's a sandbox too so you can design your own levels I wish they had the option of getting hints. Some levels are just too hard for me. This is easily the best bridge building game I've played and I've played a lot of them.

Dont buy unless you love disappointment

This game is way hard


This game is a great! Never gets boring!

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